Kayla Jacobs is the Director of Programs for Laudato Si' Ministries in Joliet, Illinois, USA. In 2019, the Diocese of Joliet became the first in the U.S. to establish such a ministry.

Jacobs talks about how the change has amplified her work, what it took to create such a ministry, and why every diocese in the world should strive to transform their community with Laudato Si' Ministries.

More from GCCM: https://catholicclimatemovement.global/updates

From Diocese of Joliet: https://laudatosidoj.com/

Decades ago, Dr. Louk Andrianos didn’t picture himself serving as a consultant on the Care for Creation, Sustainability and Climate Justice for the World Council of Churches, a key Season of Creation partner.

But the Season of Creation Steering Committee member has found a way to blend both his faith and the sciences to help Christians around the world care for creation.

In the podcast, Dr. Andrianos talks about how he feels God is calling him to do this work, how faith and science can work well together, and why he's particularly excited about this year's ecumenical Season of Creation, the annual celebration of prayer and action for our common home.

Season of Creation: seasonofcreation.org

Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect for the Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, and Dr. Jane Goodall, the renowned scientist and UN Messenger of Peace, talk about the need for Catholics and all people to tackle the biodiversity crisis ahead of COP 15.

The webinar was put on by the Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and the Vatican COVID-19 Commission, in collaboration with numerous partners.

Laudato Si' Week: laudatosiweek.org

Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development: https://www.humandevelopment.va/en.html

Father Tim Galvin, a St. Patrick's Missionary Society priest, used to not worry about God's creation and caring for our common home. But the worsening climate crisis made him want to learn more. Now he and the people of Riwoto, South Sudan, are showing the world how to bring Pope Francis' encyclical letter Laudato Si' to life.

Read and watch more about Father Tim Galvin's story: https://laudatosianimators.org/2021/03/25/laudato-si-is-the-blueprint-in-south-sudan-how-pope-francis-encyclical-inspires-care-for-creation-en-news/

April 12, 2021

Via Crucis

Durante la reciente Cuaresma Laudato Si’, este movimiento junto a nuestros socios de todo el mundo realizó las Estaciones del Via Crucis en vivo online. Esperamos que este Via Crucis online te ayude a ti y a tu comunidad a conectar la Pasión de Cristo con el clamor de la tierra y el clamor de los pobres a lo largo de todo el año.

In this Laudato Si' Dialogue, Father Xavier Jeyaraj, SJ, director of the Jesuit Social Justice and Ecology secretariat in Rome, and Melvin Purzuelo of the Philippine Misereor Partnership discuss their personal experiences with environmental defenders and how regular people can help advocate for them around the world.

How should you talk about the climate crisis? With only facts, or by merging the scientific facts and people's values and motivations?

Bernadeta Golebiowska of Poland talks about the difficult and courageous conversations she's had with people throughout her country about the climate crisis and what she's learned from those experiences.

“We cannot talk only about facts. From my point of view, it's more important to talk about values, to talk about motivation, to show people what is God's vision of creation."

Dan Misleh was all set to study business and spend a lifetime in the secular world, until a college course about Catholic Social Teaching at Xavier University in the U.S. changed his life.

Decades later, Misleh has spent his career working for social justice. He now serves as the founding executive director of the Catholic Climate Covenant.

Misleh talks about how one of his sons opened his eyes to the need to care for creation, why the organization’s tagline has always been about more than just caring for the environment, how he stopped feeling depressed about the climate crisis, and the one thing people can do to better understand the climate emergency.

Nancy Uelmen didn’t want to write another doom and gloom song about the climate crisis. Instead, the music director of Gen Verde wanted to help inspire our sisters and brothers around the world to realize that it’s not too late to change our ways and care for our common home.

The result is the group’s new song, “Turn Around,” a hopeful and inspiring take on how all of us can unite and care for our common home. In the podcast, Nancy shares how Laudato Si', Pope Francis, and inspiring young people all over the world, including Greta Thunberg, motivated her to write the moving song.

Watch the music video for "Turn Around": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKGyU_gxbEU&ab_channel=GenVerde

Learn more about Gen Verde: https://www.genverde.it/index/

Ahead of COP26, faith institutions worldwide are leading the way and showing the world that now is the time to commit to meaningful, long-term action for our common home.

Dozens of faith institutions representing hundreds of millions of faithful have joined the new “Faith Long-Term Plans” initiative organized by FaithInvest, the International Network for Conservation and Religion, and the World Wildlife Fund’s Beliefs and Values Program.

Dr. Lorna Gold, Director of Movement Building for FaithInvest and the Acting Chair for the Global Catholic Climate Movement Board of Directors, and Pippa Arnold, Events Organizer at FaithInvest, talk about the initiative and why they're expecting dozens more organizations to join the effort this year.

“In the Catholic tradition, certainly Pope Francis has really awakened us through Laudato Si’ to that responsibility,” Gold said.

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